Rumour: Resident Evil 8 is Called Resident Evil Village, New Details Revealed

Recently, Twitter user AestheticGamer took to the platform to drop a great amount of supposed details for the upcoming Resident Evil 8. According to the user, we’ll see the launch of the next mainline Resident Evil title as early as next year, supported on both next-gen and current-gen consoles. However, an anonymous supposed leaker has now approached a Resident Evil website with new details about the next game, including its subtitle Village.

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According to Biohazard Declassified, an anonymous leaker emailed them more information about Resident Evil 8 that seemingly corroborates with what they’ve learned before about the title, also filling in the blanks teased by AestheticGamer. The first thing revealed is that the next game will not traditionally be named “Resident Evil 8“, but rather Resident Evil Village (like the Roman numerals of its predecessor, the number eight can be found in “Village”). Biohazard Declassified even came up with their own interpretation of what the logo would look like, to give you a better understanding.

The next bit is kind of interesting: a new stalker enemy type called the witch. She will supposedly haunt the player throughout, distinguishable by her laughter (a cry away from Left 4 Dead, right?). She’s also similar to Marguerite Baker in that she uses insects as her primary ability. When defeated, the witch will dissipate into insects too.

Chris Redfield, who had a pretty small role to play in Resident Evil 7, will be redesigned to somewhat match his older design, albeit slimmer. In RE8, he will apparently also have a much bigger role to play in relation to previous protagonist Ethan, Mia, and their baby. Biohazard Cast speculates that Ethan will also go through a bit of a character change, being compared to Ash Williams from the Evil Dead. His character will be more wise-cracking and a “lone wolf”, if they wish to make him more of a character in the sequel.

Finally, the game will have a European setting, and feature weird hallucinations that will make it hard for players to trust other NPCs and struggle to discern what is real and what is not. A recent testing phase held at Capcom may have aligned with RE3’s remake, but the media outlet believes that this testing was actually for RE8 instead. Like AestheticGamer mentioned before, the game actually started out as Resident Evil Revelations 3 before being morphed into a mainline entry – something similar happened when the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis released (Originally, Code: Veronica was meant to be the real third game, and Nemesis a spin-off, before being changed).

It seems like Resident Evil Village will release in Q1 2021, but given the recent COVID-19 situation, it’s possible that it could be delayed. As always, take all of this with a grain of salt until official word from Capcom themselves.

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