Debunked: Recent Massive Elder Scrolls VI Leak is Fake

Last week, the internet exploded with a massive leak of Bethesda’s highly anticipated upcoming RPG, The Elder Scrolls VI. The leak appeared on Reddit from a user named “ToddIsMyMom”, and provided a number of key details like gameplay mechanics, DLC (already) and a supposed release year of 2025. Unfortunately, this leak has recently been debunked as fake, thanks to Game Rant and the user also admitting to the faked leak (corroborated by Reddit moderators).

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The leak revealed a lot of interesting details and wishful ideas that surely would’ve excited fans regardless of its authenticity. For example, the leak mentions that The Elder Scrolls VI would be set in High Rock and Hammerfall, have an improved crafting system (a la Fallout 4), and include new powerful magical abilities such as being able to summon giant spikes from the ground. Other features mentioned included buffing weapons with destruction magic, the return of the Dark Brotherhood, and vampire guilds returning since Morrowind with various classes of vampires. If this all sounded too good to be true… it really was.

Thanks to Reddit moderators, we were able to finally get a confession from the Reddit user stating that the leak was fake. If you head over to the original post now, you’ll see a top comment from a mod who confirms that the leak is inauthentic. Plenty of red flags were thrown up during the leak, but I believe the biggest one would be a release window of 2025. It would be eight years since its reveal that The Elder Scrolls VI would release, which is absolutely absurd. Sure, we’ve seen games enter lengthy development periods like Final Fantasy XV, but even that conceptually began as a different game entirely and needed to be overhauled. An eight year wait would significantly damage Bethesda’s image (right now) and cause fans to drop interest.

In the meantime, we’ll await more news from Bethesda regarding concrete information about The Elder Scrolls VI and the sci-fi RPG, Starfield. With E3 2020 right around the corner, it’s possible we may have something to sink our teeth into.

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