Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Impressions

Rainbow Six Siege has grown exponentially over the years. It really has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but the journey has been filled with many amazing memories. From the day one backers who got to use Jäger and Bandit with ACOGS to the creation of the meme cannon – the BOSG ACOG. Ubisoft has listened to its community, making necessary changes over the years. However, Ubisoft announced that they will change the way they roll out content. Let’s see how well the initial changes have affected the game.

The two new operators mark the start of Year 5 Season 1, and they both bring a rather unique and welcomed change to Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft going back to the drawing board and rebooting how they tackle content has already been well-received. In other exciting news, we have finally been given our first look at the reboot for our mighty Lord and saviour – Tachanka.

There are also a lot more under-the-hood changes being made, as well as some welcomed quality-of-life improvements too. This is probably one of the biggest updates Rainbow Six Siege has seen since Year 3, and we couldn’t be any happier to see Ubisoft paying such careful attention to its community.


Our first attacker for Year 5 goes by the name of Iana and she is the epitome of an intel operator. Her gadget is called the Gemini Replicator and it allows her to remotely control a holographic copy of herself. Her loadout options are Nomad’s ARX200 or Ash’s G36C assault rifles, paired with the MK1 9MM handgun. These may be recycled weapons, but this is the first time we have seen a grip on the ARX200. The gun now has virtually no recoil and be devastating in the hands of skilled players, despite the small magazine size. That being said, you will want to put a vertical grip on the G36C if you’re planning on doing any rush tactics with Iana.

Iana has a lot at her disposal. Coming in with two good guns, frag grenades, and an intel-gathering gadget that allows players to spot defenders without having to risk much. That already checks the recipe for a good operator, but to what degree? Well, she has definitely made a difference in casual games, allowing me to help Ash mains to rush in with less of a chance at dying. Her guns have a decent amount of damage giving players more than enough reason to pick her, but that comes with the fact that you would remove some utility from your team as is. It’s going to be interesting to see how she is handled in competitive plays, but she definitely benefits the ranked and casual playlist. Her Gemini Replicator has been especially useful when the diffuser has been planted, but be wary of pesky roamers throughout the match as Iana is left vulnerable while on her gadget.

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The basic way to use her gadget is finding a nice safe space to hide, deploying the Gemini Replicator, and then going in for the kill once you have spotted defenders. I used her as an IQ replacement. While not as useful as IQ’s gadget, Iana is able to locate Frost mats, Kapkan traps, and even Lesion mines to those who are careful to scan their environment. You definitely can’t see anything through walls like IQ, but being able to safely drone out these situations without taking damage can change the impact of the round indefinitely.


Oryx has been the main focus of Operation Void Edge since we have gotten the chance to see his gadget in action at the Six Invitational. Instead of having a conventional gadget, he makes use of superhuman strength and can smash through any breakable surface he runs through. You can break through barricades with his ability at no cost to his health. Anything thicker will diminish his health by 10% at a time and can put him in then put him in a down-but-not-out state.

He comes equipped with a SPAS-12 shotgun, the MP5 without an ACOG, and between the BALIFF-410 or the USP40 handguns. The shotgun is pretty fun for close range, but I preferred the MP5 and BALIFF throughout my time playing with them.

Oryx’s ability makes him a very aggressive defender. You’re meant to flank the enemy, making your own rotations and navigating the map in ways attackers would never see coming. There is a delay between crashing through and being able to fire your gun, so pick wisely when making flanks. His ability to climb up broken hatches allows Oryx to pester attackers that are trying to push the objective on multiple floors.

Outside of breaking through walls, Oryx can use his Remah Dash ability as a way to get a temporary speed boost. You can use this to safely move from cover to cover or to spawn rush attackers. Oryx puts the fun back into Siege, for those times when it’s okay to be the troll from time to time. He will definitely be a staple casual operator, while some more talented players will turn him into a stratergy-based ranked operator.

Oregon Map Rework

The new Oregon rework confused me at first. It was already one of the better maps in the game and I thought the rework would never work out for the better. Laundry has now turned into a better place for defenders as a whole, with the hatch removed and larger spaces to hold angles in. The rest of the map seems to have gotten this treat to, making almost every bombsite a better place to defend and giving players more options to work with.

However, I felt a bit flustered as an attacker. It definitely felt different. A lot of the ways I normally use to push the objective has been changed, making it a little more difficult to push safely. Overall, it feels a bit defender bias, but that may change as new strategies are formed.

Overall Improvements

There have been other improvements outside of the compelling operators being added to the game. Operation Void Edge brings with it some quality of life changes. Perhaps the best changes were made to Recruit. Recruit now comes with his own loadouts – Sledge’s AR and SMG, Dokkabie’s DMR, Capitao’s LMG, and the Super Shorty. The best part is that Recruit can carry frag grenades and stuns at the same time while attacking. Frost mains should have also noticed the new optics she has been given. Those who haven’t may have a reason to go back to her. It may not increase her pick rate, but it will definitely make her gun more useful.

The way surfaces have undergone an upgrade of sorts. Barricades no longer have debris hanging off of them, and explosives can do damage through walls in accordance with your distance from the explosion. That has been rather bugged in some cases, but Ubisoft will definitely find a fix in the coming updates.

Year 5 is definitely off to a good start and the next season brings with it the very first South African operator to Rainbow Six Siege. The Tachanka rework should be coming out around that stage too, giving us plenty of things to be excited about. It will take time before we get to see the fruits of this change in content, but I am definitely excited in the direction the company has taken with Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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