CES 2020: What’s Sony’s Marketing Plan with the PS5?

There were some expectations going into CES 2020 for any inkling of news surrounding the PlayStation 5, Sony’s highly anticipated next-gen console. While the tech giant did indeed attend CES, much of its conference was centered around their numerous other tech products, with only a small section dedicated to the PS5. The company talked briefly about details that were somewhat known concerning the hardware and specs, though it came as a big surprise when the official logo for the PS5 was unveiled. Normally, the reveal of a logo wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but because this is PlayStation, it gained a tremendous amount of traction and hype as consumers anxiously await the arrival of the next console. Knowing this, what exactly is Sony’s marketing plan with the PlayStation 5?

Just last month at The Game Awards, Xbox almost stole the show with the completely unexpected unveiling of not only the title of their next-gen console, Xbox Series X, but a full reveal of its design too. Xbox head Phil Spencer then took the stage to announce some big plans for the future of gaming, including the equally unexpected announcement of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. It was an exciting moment that indicated the future of gaming is on the cusp of tomorrow, but the lingering question still persists with Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Compared to Xbox, who were happily teasing and promoting next-gen all throughout 2019, PlayStation instead removed themselves from the limelight completely with any news regarding their own next-gen console. The most we heard about the PS5 up until its official announcement in late 2019 was rumours and speculation from the dark corners of the internet, though with nothing concrete to go on. Sony is slowly starting to open themselves up with their marketing plan in its infant stages, but I’m left wondering if PlayStation have something up their sleeve that they aren’t ready to show yet.

We know this to almost be a certainty in some way, as Sony will inevitably make a very big splash with the PS5 sometime soon – we’re putting our bets on February, which other rumours also seem to point at. For the time being, though, the reveal of the PS5 logo at CES 2020, a pretty grand stage for tech companies to make an impact, was met with the usual meme reactions, to plenty of mounting excitement and some hesitation. As we slowly inch closer to the arrival of next-gen, 2020 will be the stage for both Xbox and PlayStation to clash with promises of the gaming future – how will PlayStation retaliate to Xbox’s very public demonstrations and vocal plans?

These are interesting questions to ponder, and I’m still just incrementally excited for PS5 with the reveal of it’s – in all fairness – straight-forward logo that seemed to sweep the internet off their feet. Maybe it had nothing to do with the actual nature of the reveal itself at CES 2020, but more the sigh of relief that PlayStation never veered too far from its signature iconography. The tides of next-gen are here, but PlayStation 5 is only barely breaking land yet. Meanwhile, Xbox’s waves ride high on the shores. I’m very excited to see Sony’s next big step, and I’m certain that it will be a stinger that will be remembered forever in gaming. It’s quite interesting, nonetheless, to see just how different the marketing plans are between Xbox and PlayStation now.

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