CES 2020: How Sex-Tech Quietly Dominated the Show

CES 2020 is home to many technological breakthroughs in the tech industry, where companies from around the globe gather to decide the fate of the future. However, none have been more curious – and bizarrely endearing – than the dozens of sex-tech companies that, for the first time in CES history, were allowed to through the doors this year to exhibit their wide range of products.

Thanks to WIRED, we managed to get an idea of the various sex-tech companies that were on CES 2020’s show floor. The biggest and most promising name at the convention was Lora DiCarlo (full name Lora Haddock DiCarlo), who showcased a very unique way of promoting her products aimed at women. Attendees at CES 2020 might’ve come across a truck, but this was no ordinary truck – it was a Lora DiCarlo truck. As WIRED’s Lauren Goode put it, “The experiential box truck is made partly of goldenrod metal, but the side walls are mostly glass and completely transparent—save for one splotch of color where the catch phrase “Seize the Yes!” is emblazoned on the glass.”

Pictured: Lora Haddock DiCarlo

The truck would escort attendees from hotels to the convention, but it also proved to be a perfectly ingenious moving advertisement for her sex-tech. Robotic sex devices were shelved behind Lora DiCarlo herself, one of which was the Ose: a robotic, hands-free massager that was able to “simultaneously stimulate a woman’s clitoris and the erogenous area known as the G-spot.” This was the same product that earned her the innovation awards CES 2019, though the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the ones responsible for running CES, deemed the product “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA’s image will be disqualified.”

The other two products were essentially just the Ose broken into two parts: the Onda, which stimulates the G-spot, and the Baci, which stimulates the clitoris. CTA banned sex products at CES, though the backlash that ensued allowed sex-tech companies to enter CES 2020, albeit in the health and wellness section – the condition being that the products were “innovative and include new or emerging tech.” Innovative, they certainly were. A few other sex-tech companies used this as an opportunity to flex their muscles as well, such as Satisfyer, Crave, and (the best name for a sex-tech company ever) OhMiBod.

Pictured: Crave co-founders Michael Topolovac (left) and Ti Chang (right)

Let’s talk a little about those aforementioned companies. Crave’s current claim to fame is a little stainless steel device called the Vesper, which is essentially a vibrator that doubles as a piece of jewelry. Yes, you can carry it around your neck, and it even comes in three colours: rose gold, silver, and gold. On the other end, Satisfyer touts a sex device called the Penguin, which takes its design inspiration from – you guessed it – a penguin. The device comes with Satisfyer’s “revolutionary Air Pulse technology”.

Finally, OhMiBod remains one of the leaders in some sleek and elegant designs within the sex-tech industry. I would provide pictures of some of its products, including underwear with remote-controlled functionality via an app, but it’s best if you explore this yourself.

If there’s a silver lining to all of this, Lora DiCarlo did reveal that the Ose had over 10,000 presold units, with more expected to sell following CES 2020 and the exposure that came with it.

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